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Fabricators of Custom Metal Cabinets

Silver Fern Stainless Ltd. fabricates custom metal cabinets in Victoria in a variety of shapes, styles and designs for our clients. We enjoy building cabinets that are used for many different purposes and take each application into consideration during the design process to ensure they are built precisely to specification.

Built to Meet Your Needs

While constructing cabinets, our fabricators must consider everything from infection control and cleanliness in restaurant and hospital applications to anti-ligature and security in institutional and publicly accessed applications. By using materials such as stainless steel, galvanized sheet metal and aluminum for your custom metal cabinets we can address these considerations; as the properties of these materials include resistance to corrosion, superior durability, non-porous and crack and crevice-free. With all the advantages that custom metal cabinets have, it is no doubt that they are the best solution for use in industries such as healthcare and food service.

Order your custom metal cabinets in Victoria today. Whether you require a single cabinet or a multi-unit system for your facility, we will accommodate your needs. Call us to learn more.

Metal Cabinets Gallery

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