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Custom Metal for Restaurants

The staff at Silver Fern Stainless Ltd. has a team that enjoys creating custom metal products for restaurants in Victoria. We regularly work with chefs and restauranteurs to design, build and install a wide variety of products that are unique to the restaurant and food service industry.

If you are in the market to renovate, upgrade or build a restaurant, we are happy to supply you with quality products such as tables, sinks, shelves, heated pass-thru units, vent hoods, ductwork and fan systems for your establishment.

Food Safety and Esthetic Design

Food safety and aesthetic design are two very important components when it comes to running a successful restaurant business. A restaurant should be an attractive place for patrons to dine in, and the kitchen should meet the highest standards required to assure safety in food preparation.

At Silver Fern, we excel in these two areas, and more! Over the last decade, we have worked with numerous restauranteurs and franchisees to provide them with custom metal equipment, fixtures and furnishings to suit the needs of their business.

To learn how we can help you outfit your restaurant, call us and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members today.

Restaurant Product Gallery

Here are just some of the custom metal products we have created for local restaurants in Victoria and surrounding areas over the years.

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